DINAX GmbH was founded in 1993 and deals with processing images. Originally, everything in our company revolved around products for the photo and advertising industry and even today many of our customers come from these sectors. This was added to by artists and marketers of art such as art dealers, galleries, museums and collectors - and we really enjoy dealing with these generally very demanding customers in particular.
As a working tool, in comparison to conventional processing in photographic laboratories or printing workshops, computers offer a huge number of possibilities. However, being able to capitalize on these possibilities, which are creative and technical in the professional sense, assumes a whole host of knowledge. This not only includes knowledge of using computers or software. Increasingly, with specialization and above all diversification into developing sectors, knowledge of the products that are to be created, their processing, conservation and finally the distribution channels is absolutely essential. We have this knowledge and make it available to you through our products and services.

DINAX offers a wide range of professional services. We're distributor, service provider and manufacturer and have a great deal of professional knowledge in the department of advertising, photografie, art and large format printing as well as the very special fine art printing.
Furthermore we're the distributor of the world wide leading print-on-demand system liveprint.
Liveprint offers:
A perfect marketing opportunity for artists
A lucrative and state of the art possibility for museums and art dealers to create high-end art reproductions live and   on site. 
For art lovers, liveprint offers more than 2500 pictures and a fulminant way of printing a picture in whichever size or material you choose. 
DINAX offers solutions for professional users and comitted amateurs in the vicinity of software, print solutions and photografie.
We're working closely with our partner companies, such as Apple, Canon, EPSON, Hahnemühle, Kodak, DuPont, Wizzard, Tecco, Tetenal, Siehl, Crescent and many more.