Which Mirage Version do I need?


If you are not sure which Mirage Version is the right choice for you, we have a simple solution. 

Select your printer with your printer manufacturer in the upper dropdown box. The lower box will show you which Mirage Version is needed to run the printer. In some cases, more than one Version can be the right one. 


Our tip:

If you are using more than one printer, select the printer with the biggest width/the most colors. Oftentimes, the Mirage Master Edition Canon/EPSON is the correct choice.


If you are using a Canon iPF printer, it could happen that the second box will give you more than one option. Heres an example:

Your printer: iPF9400S

Your Mirage Version: 8 & 12 C Edition or Master Edition Canon

The Canon iPF9400S is supported by the Mirage 8&12C Edition, as well as the Master Edition Canon. In this case, it would be important to know whether you are using more than one printer. If the Canon iPF9400S is the only printer you are using, the 8&12C Edition will suffice. If, for example you are also using a iPF605, you would have to select the Master Edition Canon to run both printers. 


With Epson printers, it will suffice to select the printer with the biggest print width you want to use.  


If you want more detailed informations about the supported rinters, please have a look at our system requirements.



What are the system requirements?


A list of system requirements, supported printers, operating systems and applications can be found here.





Download some helpful informations about Mirage. Just click on the link and the download will start automatically.





Frequently asked questions


Just click on the question which might interest you and the window will expand further down.

How do I register my Software?

Mirage comes in two different versions:

1) TAN Version

If you have a TAN Code, please select I have a TAN and want to unlock Mirage via the internet

The assistent will lead you through the registration process. The site on which you have to register will have an account containing all your licenses in case you need to download them again. 

2) Dongle Version

If you have a Mirage Dongle (USB Stick), there is no need to go through any process with a TAN code. The license is already on the Dongle. Please attach the Dongle to a slot on your computer and start Mirage. 


I can't download the software from your Homepage

If you are not able to download the software from our homepage, please make sure that your firewall is not blocking our download. 

If you are working on a Mac an get the notification "Unidentified manufacturer", please proceed as follows:

1) Click on the Apple Symbol in the left hand corner and select the System Settings

2) Go to Security

3) Select All manufacturers instead of Apple products only

Trial Version - What are the limits of the trial version ?

The Mirage trial version has no limits at all. It runs fully functional for 14 days with all features.

If you are using a trial version and get a full license as well, it can happen that you see some numbers in red telling you that some features are about to expire. If that is the case, please read the next column further down titled "Some features are showing an expiry date, what can I do?

How can I find the Plug-in in Lightroom?


The Mirage Plug-in in Lightroom can be accessed via two ways

1) File / Export with Presets / Mirage Print / Full Quality


tl_files/dinax/Website 3.0/05 Hilfe Support/Screenshots/Lightroom_Export with Presets.png


2) File / Export


tl_files/dinax/Website 3.0/05 Hilfe Support/Screenshots/Lightroom_Export.png


Click on the picture for a larger view


What does v11, v12, v14 and v15 mean?

You can find an addition in every Mirage license which informs you about the version you are using. This addition is a combination of the letter "v" and a number. The number will tell you which printers or features are being supported in your version. For example: When the T-Model Epson printers were included into Mirage, there was a switch from v10 to v11. With v12, more T-Models were included, as well as the Mirage Job Archive. v14 included support for the Epson SureColor P-600 and v15 includes all features and printer so far as well as support for the new Epson SureColor P-800. 


If you purchase Mirage, you will always receive the latest version we have to offer. The same applies if you purchase an upgrade.

Some features are showing an expiry date, what can I do?

If you have a look in the Mirage "Settings" menu under "General", you might find some features show you an expiry date.

 tl_files/dinax/images/FAQ/Features ablauf englisch.jpg

Don't worry, you licens is working normally. Mirage always shows you the "worst case scenario". In this exaple you can see that the PRO and PROOF licenses are going to expire in two days, the DIGIgraphie license will expire in 201 days. This doesn't mean that the other features expire as well. After the licenses, which are marked in red are expired, the normal Mirage version will work just fine.

This can happen when you download a full license after installing a trial license. The red numbers just show you when the trial license (which usually has more features than a "normal" license) will expire.

How do I upgrade my license or my software?

To work with Mirage, you'll need two things:

1) A valid license

The license is a combination of a TAN and your Machine ID. You get the TAN by ordering with us and thus have to create your own license for the computer you want Mirage to work. If you are not sure which license you have, you can check it in your account under http://dinax.mylicense.biz/login.asp?oemId=9&language=EN

tl_files/dinax/images/FAQ/Lizenz version deutsch.jpg

2) The right software

To work with Mirage you'll also need our software. You can download that software for free on our homepage under "Downloads". If you're not sure which version you are currently working with, you can have a look at the Mirage Print window in the bottom left corner.


You can also check on your software version through the Mirage Stand Alone index "About Mirage"


Be careful: If you don't have a 3.0 license, our 3.0 software will not work. You can download software versions for Mirage 2.0 from our Download area. 

I have changed computers and now Mirage is not working

A valid license is a combination of the TAN (Can only be used once) and the individual MachineID (Which is how we control usage of a license).

The Machine ID as a part of the license is put together by various parts of your computer. Changing parts on this computer, or using a new one altogether might alter the Machine ID and can result in Mirage not working. This is not always the case but can happen.

Should Mirage tell you that your license is not valid, please contact our support at support@dinax.de

How do I get a license file from a TAN Code?

To create a license, you'll need a TAN Code and your Machine ID (If you're not sure where to find those things, please have a look further down on the FAQ page).

To create a license, you'll have to login on our registration website: http://dinax.mylicense.biz/ .

You have three options on how to create a license:

1) You want to create the license for the computer you are currently using and that computer is connected to the internet, proceed as follows:

1) Start Mirage from your host application such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe InDesign
2) Open the settings panel (click on "Settings". You'll find the button in the top right corner)
3) Select the first tab "General"
4) Click "Change License...", the "Change License" Dialog opens
Note: On the "Change License" dialog the Machine-ID of your system is displayed
5) Select the radio button "I have a TAN and want to unlock Mirage via the Internet" then click "Next"
6) Click the link "Go to the Mirage Registration Website"
7) If you are new to this website click the "Register" button to open your account.
Returning users enter their registration information (E-Mail address and Password) and click "Login"
7) Once logged in click "Licensing" on your left hand side, enter your TAN and the Machine-ID (if not already displayed there) than click the "Submit" button.  Your "*.lic" file will be generated
8) A download window opens, save the "*.lic" file to your hard disk
9) Return to the Mirage window and click "Next"
10) In the next panel click the "Browse" button to navigate to the "*.lic" file you've saved on your computer. Select the "*.lic" and that's it.
11) Congratulations, your Mirage software is now licensed!


2) You want to register and generate a license file from a different workstation

1) Start Mirage from your host application such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe InDesign
2) Open the settings panel (click on "Settings". You'll find the button in the top right corner)
3) Select the first tab "General"
4) Click "Change License". The "Change License" Dialog opens

Write down the Machine-ID of your system that is displayed on that screen

5) Use a workstation that has access to the internet and visit: http://dinax.mylicense.biz/
6) If you are new to this website click the "Register" button to open your account.
Returning users enter their registration information (E-Mail address and Password) and click "Login"
7) Once logged in click "Licensing" on your left hand side, enter your TAN and the Machine-ID, then click the "Submit" button. Your "*.lic" file will be generated.
8) A download window opens, save the "*.lic" file to your computer and transfer the file via network, CD, memory card, etc. to the workstation that runs Mirage
9) Reopen the Mirage Software from your host application
10) Open the settings panel (click on "Settings". You'll find the button in the top right corner)
11) Select the first tab "General"
12) Click "Change License...", the "Change License" Dialog opens
13) Select the "I already have a Mirage license file", then click next
14) In the next panel click the "Browse" button to navigate to the "*.lic" file, select the "*.lic" and that's it.
15) Congratulations, your Mirage software is now licensed.

Custom Media - I want to use my Media in Mirage

Mirage supports a variety of media. Those are supplied with generic ICC profiles.

You may add any media that is supported by your printer manually as custom media. With regards to colour management a proper ICC profile is requiered to ensure a good output quality.

You may either use a pofile provided by the supplier of your media or alternativly generate / order your own media profile (see Mirage User Guide).

How can I use my own ICC profiles?

If you are not using the Mirage PRO extension in combination with the SpectroProofer, you can still make usage of your own ICC profiles in Mirage.

1) Choose a measure-chart delivered with your measurement software and print the patches with Mirage.

2) Measure the patches with you device and create your own ICC profile. That profil can now be imported into Mirage.

3) Choose "Custom Media" in the Mirage "Settings" menu and choose a base medium*.

4) Choose "Duplicate Media" or "Add Medium". 

5) Select your printer and base medium*.

tl_files/dinax/Website 3.0/05 Hilfe Support/Screenshots/Medium hinzufuegen 1.jpg

6) Name your new Profile and attach your ICC profile by browsing to where you saved it on your computer.

tl_files/dinax/Website 3.0/05 Hilfe Support/Screenshots/Medium hinzufuegen 2.jpg

7) By clicking OK the new Medium will be integrated into Mirage.

* Information about the EPSON base medium can be found with your paper manufacturer.

How do I work with the PRO extension?

If you want to create your own profiles with a Spectro Photometer and the Mirage PRO extension, here are some simple steps:

Beforehand, please make sure everything is attached propperly.

For EPSON: If you want to use the SpectroPhotometer, please make sure your printer is connected via TCP/IP. USB connections are not supported with the SpectroProofer. 


1) Select "Custom Media" in the Mirage Settings menu. 

2) Select "Add Medium"

3) Select your Printer Model and Base Medium and give a name to the new medium. After that, select Print and Measure Chart(s)

4) Choose one of the three options depicted in the picture. Select the printer with the SP and the printer you want to create a profile for.

5) Choose you paper and drying time.

6) Select your chart type.

7) By clicking Start, the printer will start printing the chart. Follow the wizard through the rest of the process. You might have to switch printers, depending on your choice in number 4.

How can I export my own Media?

If you've created your own media under "Custom Media" and want to use these settings on another computer with Mirage, you can simply export the media. You have to select your Media an choose "Export Media". After that you can just import the Media to your second Mirage, just like a media package.

tl_files/dinax/Website 3.0/05 Hilfe Support/Screenshots/Medien exportieren.jpg

Where do I find my TAN Code?

You will find your TAN code in the e-Mail we send you. Just at the begining of the Mail, your TAN will be clearly visible in red.

How do I find my Machine ID?

If you want to register or change your computer, you will need your Machine ID. Here are two different ways to find it:

1) If you don't have a current license and want to register Mirage for the first time, all you have to do is open up Mirage and in the new window, you'll see your personal Machine ID.


2) If you are already using Mirage and want to find your Machine ID, all you have to do is go to the Mirage "Settings" menu. Here you'll see your Machine ID just on top of the page in the index "General".


If you have a Dongle, the number we need is the one written on the Dongle. Usually it ends with a -4, a -7 or an -8.

I want to work on more than one computer, can I do that with Mirage?

As an alternative to simply changing the license for a new computer, we also offer a movement / exchange of your license to a dongle. A dongle is a USB stick containing your license. The advantage of a dongle is that it will never change its MachineID and therefor will work on all your computers (windows and mac). i.e.: you can run Mirage with your dongle on multiple computers; wherever the dongle is attached to Mirage will run.

 The dongle costs 39,95 € plus shipping plus VAT. In this case we also need your full address and shipping address, if it is different.

 Payment can be done either via prepay wire transfer (We will ship your Dongle as soon as we receive your payment) or by PayPal which would be the fastest way. Just send the final amount to sales@dinax.com and note your TAN or invoice number as a reference. Shipment is done exclusively by UPS. It ensures the safe delivery of the Dongle with nothing going missing on the way or being miss delivered. Prices may vary, depending on where the shipment is going. For a complete list, see our information further down.

I want to uninstal Mirage, how do I proceed?

Windows: In Windows you'll find the deinstallation path here:

Computer/C/Programms (x86)/dinax/Mirage

MAC: In Mac, simply drag the programm onto the trash bin.

I want to get something shipped, what are the prices?

We at din.a.x ship exclusively with UPS. It guarantees a fast and safe way of delivery. For this service we charge the following prices*:

Germany: 11,90€

BE, NL, CZ, L: 14,90€

AT, DK, FR, GB, MC, FI, IT, PL, SE, SK, SI: 19,90€

HU, RO, LV, LT, ER, BG, IE, GR, ES, PT: 24,90€

CH, NO, SM, LI, AD: 29,90€

For all other countries, we offer uninsured shipment with the German postal service. For this service we'll charge 23,90€. If you want to have the shipment delivered via UPS, please contact our support via support@dinax.com

Which Adobe Versions is supported by my Mirage Version?
Editions              1.1 + 1.4             1.5 + 1.6             2.0                      3.0                      3.1









PS E 6

PS E 8

PS E 9

PS E 10

InD CS 3

InD CS 4

InD CS 5


InD CS 6


Ill CS 3


Ill CS 4


Ill CS 5


Ill CS 6



X X X*

CC 2014


Lightroom 5

X X X X √**

*Phostoshop CC with 2.0.9 and higher

** If you purchase a Lightroom Plug-In